a close up of a label of a skin care product
a close up of a label of a skin care product

Highly effective, results-driven skincare. Blending technologically advanced ingredients with organic botanical extracts for a highly effective approach to corrective skincare. For optimal results, follow the directions for each individual product!!

a white flower with green leaves and green leaves
a white flower with green leaves and green leaves

Quality, Not Quantity

Unlock Your Skin's Natural Radiance with Our Transformative Skincare Solutions!

Our Product Manufacturing

Our products are manufactured by Trilogy Laboratories in their state-of-the-art 2,500 square foot, FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Fort Myers, FL-USA. Dr. Kristen Flaharty, founder of Trilogy Laboratories, a seasoned pharmaceutical product development professional has spent many years in the industry developing prescription drug products for national and international companies. Blending technologically advanced ingredients with organic botanical extracts. Trilogy Laboratories offers a beautiful fusion of science and nature. Their facility includes advanced manufacturing equipment, proprietary formulas, and an inventory designed to support high-quality, small batch production. At the heart of Trilogy Laboratories' process lies excellence. Our trusted manufacturing partner holds the esteemed GMP ISO 22716 certification, a testament to their unwavering dedication to crafting superior products. Their commitment to adhering to the highest international standards ensures that each batch is meticulously produced to deliver unparalleled quality. With a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Trilogy Laboratories guarantees precision and reliability in every step of the manufacturing journey. This allowed Sin~X Beauty to gain access to exceptional manufacturing expertise and commitment to quality, ensuring that our customers have access to highly effective, result driven skincare.

Learn why breakouts occur when using skincare products:

Note: Sometimes breakouts can occur when starting a new skincare product. This is often referred to as "purging." It happens as the product accelerates skin cell turnover, bringing underlying impurities to the surface. Purging is temporary and usually subsides after a few weeks. However, if you experience persistent or severe breakouts, it may indicate an adverse reaction, and you should discontinue use or consult a dermatologist.

Note: Perform the patch test even if you have used similar products before, as individual skin sensitivity can vary. An allergic reaction typically involves redness, itching, swelling, or rash in response to a skincare product. If these symptoms persist or worsen, it may indicate an allergy. If in doubt consult a dermatologist.

[Patch Test Instructions]

  1. Cleanse a small area on the inner forearm

  2. Apply a small amount of the product and spread evenly

  3. Allow it to dry completely

  4. Leave the patch untouched for 24 hours

  5. If no redness, irritation, or discomfort occurs, it is likely safe to use

  6. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur